(PinkShea Salt soak Med, PinkShea Fluff for dryskin, PinkShea Soak Large) 

Pamper your skin, with a PinkSugar Kiss, a PinkMelon splash, or soothe the stress away with our exciting PinkCreme for lasting moisture with our new PinkLemon Lush Body Oil, Body Balms'. Giving your body the PinkTreat it deserves' with our PinkSalt Soaks, PinkMilk Bath, PinkBody Oils', PinkBody Spritz and our Long Lasting Specialty Soaps infused with roses, strawberry seeds or poppy seeds along with an array of on-the-go PinkMini's our easy travel size (creme, wash, salt soaks or body balms. 

Just add a spritz, sprinkle or dab and begin your day with a huge PinkHug of PinkSweet Sugar Cookie Bath and Body. Pick your PinkScent PinkShea, PinkBerri Ocean, PinkMelon, PinkLemon Lush, PinkCrush, PinkVelvet, PinkOcean, PinkLavender Joy, PinkGinger Twist, PinkMandarin Chai, PinkSpiced Latte, PinkBaked Mocha, PinkBlush Lip Balm or our fan fave PinkSuga Kisses...

(PinkSweet Trio's shown above in Extra Large PinkSuga Kisses, Creme,
Wash and Body Spirtz)

 Sugar Scrubs, Soaps and Salt Soaks,  will  clean, removing dryness; while maintaining luxurious moisture balance. Giving your skin, hands, feet and nails the best sweet, PinkBody therapy. Giving way to the exquisite skincare you crave.  Get your long-lasting body kisses with Pinkluv from PinkSweet Sugar Cookie Bath and Body.




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