Pink Sweet Sugar Cookie Bath and Body, was created out of our Creative Directors,  Love Affair with the color Pink, Sweets and Spas.. It all began with our love of smells, oils and the need to give myself another body and skin care choice.  We all have sensitive skin and love the warmth of heat and hot water so making a way for additional moisture, with natural and organic skin care is our reason for PinkSweet body care.

Every natural remedy has helped us and now, we would like to help others with a twist of suga.. get the Sweet Body Kisses they deserve. Our Creative Director, had begun making her own body oil as a teenager.  She loved experimenting with oils, butters, creams and various hues. She loves' ballerina's, tutu's and ballet slippers. Our Creative Director, also danced for many years and as a child grew to love every shade of pink!

 We all love feeling clean, fresh, sweet and there is no other way for us to explain that but the color Pink! Now, all men, and women can enjoy Pink Lush Skin with the PinkRadiance only Pink Sweet Sugar Cookie Bath and Body care can give with PinkSuga Kisses, PinkCandi-Rain, PinkBerri-Ocean, PinkGinger (Unisex PinkScent), PinkSuede (Men PinkScent), PinkMelon, PinkJasmine, PinkVelvet, PinkSouffle', PinkFruit, PinkFloral, PinkSpritz, PinkCreme', PinkWash, PinkSugar Soap, PinkSugar Cubes, PinkSalt, PinkBaked Mocha, PinkCrush, PinkShea, PinkLavender Joy, PinkOcean, PinkSpecialty Soap which all make up PinkSweet Body  Therapy.






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